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Model Optimization: a 42083 Showcase

In 2018 the Bugatti Chiron came out in LEGO Technic. It’s quite a complex model, but very dense and seems inefficient and consequently negatively impacts some of its functions. Time for a redesign thus where the starting point was to keep the same modular build with almost identical interconnection points, and keep the overall looks […]

Predator Supercar

2015 Technic Supercar with steering, gearbox, independent suspension and more… Predator is the result of several months of work and is inspired by exotic supercars like for example Koenigsegg, Pagani, Bugatti and Gumpert. What most of those cars have in common is that they all have their unique character despite their clean and generic supercar […]

Street Rod

This Street Rod is an alternative model from set 42000. Features – V8 engine – Rear wheel drive – Full independent suspension – Steering through HoG and steering wheel – Spoiler/ backcover with mini linear actuator – Opening doors and bonnet (manual) Background It’s been a while since I created an alternate from a Technic […]


A Technic Supercar built in 2005 exclusively with sets 8458 and 8466. Features – All Wheel drive – Full independent suspension – V12 – 6 Speed gearbox, 5+R – Functional steering wheel and HoG – Convertible roof (damped) – Dihedral synchro helix doors (damped) – Opening bonnet (manual) Background At the time I was in […]

Concept Car

A modular Technic Supercar including 6-speed gearbox, full suspension, and V12. Features – Fully modular design, with separate units for: front and rear suspension, gearbox, and engine. – Lightweight Unibody frame – V12 engine – 6 speed gearbox, 5 + R – steering – independent wishbone suspension – front or rearwheel drive – opening doors, […]

Jeep Hurricane

A design study on the revolutionary powertrain of the Jeep Hurricane. Features – All wheel drive – All wheel steering – Full independent suspension – Skid steer option – Zero degree turning option – Double V8 engine Background In 2005 Jeep presented their ultimate Offroad vehicle on the Detroit motor show, the Jeep Hurricane. With […]

Pony Car

Compact Supercar with steering, rear wheel drive, 4-speed gearbox, V8 engine and full suspension. Features – Full suspension (front: independent, rear: live axle) – V8 engine – 4 speed gearbox – Rear wheel drive – Opening bonnet, doors and trunk Background Early 2012 this project started as a type of car with full suspension, perhaps […]