NKubate’s Custom Designed LEGO® models

NKubate provides something for everyone. It provides inspiration for both young and old, showing what else You can do with your LEGO® bricks. Furthermore instructions are available for building alternative models from many official LEGO® sets or custom designs. Some of them are free, others can be downloaded for a fee.

NKubate does also commissionary projects. Just contact NKubate with Your request through the contact form.

NKubate is owned by Nathanaël Kuipers who is a professional design engineer and has first hand knowledge and experience with the full range of the LEGO® building system. He worked at the LEGO® Company several years developing official models within multiple themes. His credentials speak for themselves.

The name NKubate is derived from his initials NK, and the term incubate, which is used to describe the process of bringing into being.
Often the same can be said for coming up with new ideas and turning them into something concrete.

NKubate provides just that!


Latest news

BTAS Batmobile®

A UCS brick built model of the Batmobile ® from Batman the Animated Series®.



This alternative model from set 10304 Camaro is based on a 1976 Pontiac Firebird.

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Classic 911

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Retro Sport Coupe

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Classic Pickup Truck

Spending the holidays in isolation meant plenty of time to design another alternative from set [...]

4×4 Offroader

The colours of the Fiat 500 model reminded me of the classic 4×4 Offroader set [...]

Cobra Roadster

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GT04 Sportscar

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