Jeep Hurricane

A design study on the revolutionary powertrain of the Jeep Hurricane.


  • – All wheel drive
  • – All wheel steering
  • – Full independent suspension
  • – Skid steer option
  • – Zero degree turning option
  • – Double V8 engine


In 2005 Jeep presented their ultimate Offroad vehicle on the Detroit motor show, the Jeep Hurricane. With 2 HEMI engines, all wheel drive, and all wheel steering, this machine could drive anywhere. Of particular interest was the zero degree turning radius option, with all wheels turning inwards in a circle configuration and the transmission changing from normal drive to skid steer drive. This fascinating phenomenon is normally controlled by complex electronic systems, but I wanted to investigate if something similar could be achieved mechanically using LEGO Technic.


The biggest challenge was to make the position of the wheels always dependent on eachother, both in the normal steering configuration and the circular pattern, so that potential wheel misalignments are just not possible. However, to combine this with a motorized AWD system that can switch between normal and skid steer drive, increased the complexity to a certain extent that it was really stretching the limits of what the LEGO system is capable of. In the end the Hurricane can not drive or steer smoothly, so rather than a playable model, this turned out to be more of a proof of concept, showing some interesting ideas and concepts.

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