A Technic Supercar built in 2005 exclusively with sets 8458 and 8466.


  • – All Wheel drive
  • – Full independent suspension
  • – V12
  • – 6 Speed gearbox, 5+R
  • – Functional steering wheel and HoG
  • – Convertible roof (damped)
  • – Dihedral synchro helix doors (damped)
  • – Opening bonnet (manual)


    • At the time I was in touch with 2 very good Technic builders, one of whom is the well respected Paul Boratko aka Crowkillers. The subject we talked about was what the ultimate Supercar would look like, and then decided to individually build our own vision. Not having that much Technic myself, I thought that combining 2 of the biggest Technic sets at the time should provide enough material to build this ultimate car.


Several iterations and concepts were built to explore different directions before the final version was designed, combining the most interesting features.

3 thoughts on “Supercar

  1. says:

    Hallo Nathanael,
    Ik heb eindelijk de hand weten te leggen op de 8466. Aangezien ik de Silver champion al enkele jaren in huis heb ben ik er blij. Wat mij nu nog ontbreekt is de bouwinstructie van jou supercar. Heb je die nog beschikbaar? Ik hoor graag van je.
    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Gerard de Jong.

  2. juseong says:

    Hello Nathanael
    I’m really appreciate to you because you designed this great model. I have a question about 8458 and 8466 combi. There is another combi model called GT car, can I get this instruction? I can’t find this instruction in any other web site or community. If you give me a direction for this instruction, really thankful 🙂

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