This function packed telehandler is an alternate of Creator set 5867.

This model was quite an interesting build and caused its unique challenges due to the odd overall shape, which is low and asymmetrical, and the integration of some functionality. For the telescoping boom, and the adjustable angle of it I had to use some new tricks with the material available. Other features are the tilting fork and opening door.

Furthermore, due to its asymmetrical nature I couldn’t divide the material just in half for left and right side, but had to look at all details separately. This made the planning of the model pretty much impossible, so in this case I just built 1 conceptual version and then took another volume sample to rebuild and optimize the model from scratch with focus on the main structure, while leaving the functions and certain details intact.

To increase playablity I was also able to include the same pallet as with the forklift alternate from the leftover parts.

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