This Sports Utility Vehicle is an alternative model of Creator set 5867 Super Speedster.

The model features opening doors and a roof rack. SUV’s are a mix between station wagons and off-roaders. Nowadays a lot of spin-offs are on the market better known as cross-overs or CUV’s.

The main challenge with this model was the structure. Due to the size of these kind of models, parts must be placed very strategically to get most surface out of the box. However, it shouldn’t become a shell with a flimsy body, so reinforcements have to be made with the parts that are not needed for the outside easthetics. To include such a large roof caused another difficulty, because it limits the plates that are left for the chassis. Furthermore the roof should be sturdy with some pillars carrying the weight. It turned out to be another complicated puzzle, but with some time and patience it seems like any type of vehicle can be built from this kit, as long as we persevere…

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