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Street Rod

This Street Rod is an alternative model from set 42000. Features – V8 engine – Rear wheel drive – Full independent suspension – Steering through HoG and steering wheel – Spoiler/ backcover with mini linear actuator – Opening doors and bonnet (manual) Background It’s been a while since I created an alternate from a Technic […]

Muscle car

Another alternate of Creator set 5867: #14 Muscle car. Muscle cars are particularly well known from the US, and basically consist of a stock car with a high performance, often V8 engine. They look quite ordinary and square, but have some specific features that give muscle cars their unique character. As an exemple one can […]


The 8292 Cherrypicker was the most challenging, but also most rewarding model that I designed. Features – Motorized elevation of boom – Motorized rotation of boom – Manual boom extension – Steering – Opening doors Background After the introduction of Power Functions, the question was how low can the price get, while having a minimum […]


Official Technic model 8271 wheelloader, together with the unofficial alternative. Features – Arm elevation – Bucket tip – Steering Background The idea was to develop an updated version of set 8453, with slightly more geared functions and a more modern, city like design. The alternative of a Skidsteer loader I came up with never made […]

Ferrari F1

My first official model for The LEGO Group was this 8674 Ferrari F1, scale 1:8 for the Racers line. Features – Full independent suspension – V10 engine – Rear wheel drive – Steering – Detachable enginecover and nose Background After the succesful 8386 F1 Ferrari 1:10, the Racers team wanted a bigger version, with more […]


A Technic Supercar built in 2005 exclusively with sets 8458 and 8466. Features – All Wheel drive – Full independent suspension – V12 – 6 Speed gearbox, 5+R – Functional steering wheel and HoG – Convertible roof (damped) – Dihedral synchro helix doors (damped) – Opening bonnet (manual) Background At the time I was in […]

Concept Car

A modular Technic Supercar including 6-speed gearbox, full suspension, and V12. Features – Fully modular design, with separate units for: front and rear suspension, gearbox, and engine. – Lightweight Unibody frame – V12 engine – 6 speed gearbox, 5 + R – steering – independent wishbone suspension – front or rearwheel drive – opening doors, […]