Ferrari F1

My first official model for The LEGO Group was this 8674 Ferrari F1, scale 1:8 for the Racers line.


  • – Full independent suspension
  • – V10 engine
  • – Rear wheel drive
  • – Steering
  • – Detachable enginecover and nose


After the succesful 8386 F1 Ferrari 1:10, the Racers team wanted a bigger version, with more features. With all other Technic designers occupied, I was asked to take this freelance project upon me. The model had to be in the same scale as the 8458, a set that to my advantage I had already built. However, apart from some of the mechanics, this new incarnation had to be completely redesigned, with the F2005 as reference. Unfortunately there was no budget to go and check out the real car, nor was there any technical data available at the time, so instead I had to rely on loads of pictures.


As I was quite unfamiliar yet with full studless constructions, it took a bit of time to get used to things, but my skills improved rapidly once I got the hang of it. With an almost unlimited supply of elements, it was now possible to keep track of the development stages, saving copies. It was a lot of fun to just see the model getting better over time, which was a great motivator. It was also encouraging that Ferrari didn’t express any serious concerns about the model’s looks, which is always a challenge when working on a licensed product.

Some might wonder why certain parts of the racer are not white as with the official F2005. The answer is that Ferrari, but particularly The LEGO Group didn’t want to be associated with the tabacco industry, which using white at certain locations could indicate. Of course you can always change colours yourself, which is something I did when you compare this version closely with the official model. There are a few other minor differences as well, but that’s because someone else made some final changes when my 3 months freelance period was over. Due to a satisfying result delivered, and the lack of Technic designers at the time, I was offered a position within the team.

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