American Classic

A classic American car from Creator set 5867 Super Speedster.

Sometimes you design a model, but always have this feeling that it just isn’t quite right and that it could be done better. That was the case with the earlier Classic Car from this set. It used some tricky techniques, but also had some weak spots. It was about time for a different approach. I did like the front section of the earlier model, and for a while I kept it very similar. However, it was better to try to change the front as well, so it would really feel like a different and fresh model. The result is a bigger, less complex model, but with a lot of character and features that match better with the American classics; wide, low, and long with a large part sticking out behind the rear axle. Just like the original this model has opening doors, but the whole construction of the car is sturdier. It’s actually not a 100% alternate, due to different rims that do not come with the set, but of course those can be easily swapped with the original ones. I just think that those rims fit better and look nicer on this model.

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