A New Revelation

After many months of development the new beast is finally here!

Head over to the article right away.

Remember the chassis for a new supercar that was presented here a few months ago? Well, the long wait is almost over and a new Predator is on its way. Many iterarations later and updated with the latest arrival of new parts it’s bigger, meaner and more accurate than ever before!

A few titbits to wet your appetite: the model is roughly the same size as the recently launched 42039 24-hour racer. But the similarities do not end there. Both use for example the exact same amount of panels, both are powered by a mid engine V8, and then there are a few other features that share some similarity. But that’s where the comparison ends, and although on paper they seem similar, in reality they are completely different! And, yes, the main color is white.

Why are you still here reading this? Head over to the article for a lot of other details.

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