This Sport-Coupe is an another alternative model of Creator set 5867 Super Speedster. It’s amazing to see that even years later this set has still new surprises to offer.

The model features opening doors. Sport coupes are usually the more sporty variants of the common model, but with a sloping roof line at the rear. Often they have a (slightly) more powerful engine and a more luxurious interior.

Although it may not look like a very complicated build, this car was trickier to put together than anticipated. Figuring out where to put all the sloped and curved parts to create a convincing shape took a lot of time and reconfiguration. Once the shape was there the next stage was to optimize the structural integrity. The end result is very solid and can easily be played with, without falling apart. With the bricks left some more details could be added, mainly in the interior. So it seems like we haven’t seen the end of alternates from this set yet. What more can you build from this highly versatile little kit..?

2 thoughts on “Sport-Coupe

    • NKubate says:

      Hi Henrik,
      Thank you for your kind words and interest in this model. At the moment there are unfortunately no instructions available (yet). Perhaps you could take the challenge and try replicating it yourself with the photos. It does require a bit of creative thinking, but it can be very rewarding…

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