Pickup Truck

The idea was to create an alternative that would be a suitable complementary model to the LEGO Creator Expert set 10265; a Ford Mustang from 1967. The result is this pickup truck mainly inspired by a 1970’s F100. With over 1100 pieces it reuses almost 80% of the parts included in the original set which is quite a feat for a model this size, and many of the leftover parts are small in size. The high number of parts reused meant that the development of this model was quite a challenge; pretty early in the process certain parts were already scarce and concessions had to be made which parts to use where. Developing a model like this requires therefore a bit more time; taking apart, swapping parts and putting things together, without being certain if the outcome is an improvement is a time consuming process. This model was designed in a time span of almost a month which is rather long in comparison with many of my other alternative creations. Besides the reason mentioned above other causes for the extra development time were the implementation of a steering function and the opening doors which are a lot shorter than the Mustang doors; they still had to be quite easy to open and close but also flush with the rest of the body. This meant that a weird combination of parts had to be used on the inside, so that when opening the door the interference between b-pillar and bed became as little as possible. The bonnet on the other hand also has a snug fit but no interference at all when opening.

The pick-up truck includes several functions and features:

  • Steering control with Hand of God (HoG) configuration behind the cabin
  • Opening doors, bonnet and tailgate
  • Detailed V8 engine and interior
  • Easy removable roof (with front window)

Detailed building instructions have been carefully prepared and are available for a small fee through Rebrickable.

Some sample pages:

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