Pickup Truck

The idea was to create an alternative that would be a suitable complementary model to the LEGO Creator Expert set 10265; a Ford Mustang from 1967. The result is this pickup truck mainly inspired by a 1970’s F100. With over 1100 pieces it reuses almost 80% of the parts included in the original set which is quite a feat for a model this size, and many of the leftover parts are small in size. The high number of parts reused meant that the development of this model was quite a challenge; pretty early in the process certain parts were already scarce and concessions had to be made which parts to use where. Developing a model like this requires therefore a bit more time; taking apart, swapping parts and putting things together, without being certain if the outcome is an improvement is a time consuming process. This model was designed in a time span of almost a month which is rather long in comparison with many of my other alternative creations. Besides the reason mentioned above other causes for the extra development time were the implementation of a steering function and the opening doors which are a lot shorter than the Mustang doors; they still had to be quite easy to open and close but also flush with the rest of the body. This meant that a weird combination of parts had to be used on the inside, so that when opening the door the interference between b-pillar and bed became as little as possible. The bonnet on the other hand also has a snug fit but no interference at all when opening.

The pick-up truck includes several functions and features:

  • Steering control with Hand of God (HoG) configuration behind the cabin
  • Opening doors, bonnet and tailgate
  • Detailed V8 engine and interior
  • Easy removable roof (with front window)

Detailed building instructions have been carefully prepared and are available for a small fee through Rebrickable.

Some sample pages:

Or you can modify the truck and make it your own by changing the floor, adding a tool box or gas container. Or why not make a complete new model like this GT04 sportscar or Cobra Roadster?

8 thoughts on “Pickup Truck

  1. Gerard de jong says:

    Aangezien ik geen ontwerper ben is een alternatief als dit een uitkomst. Veel bouw plezier voor weinig geld. Ik ben blij dat er ontwerpers zijn zoals jij.

  2. Michael says:

    Just bought and build the pickup, great fun. Just starting to take my beetle apart to build the classical pickup of NKubate of it. Many thanks for real good stuff you do.

    • NKubate says:

      Thank you so kindly for taking the time to share your experience. I’m glad to hear you are having great fun, because I spent much effort on my work to provide an excellent experience.

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  5. Blanc says:

    Hi ! I bought plan for this model , but i Didn t receive pdf !!!!!!!!
    Thank you !
    When i open the page , i don t have anything!!!!!!!

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