Vic Viper Batwing

A Vic Viper in the style of Batman’s vehicles. My take on his Batwing. In commemoration of Nnenn, which is a good reason to contribute something. Exclusively built out of set 7783. Normally Bruce Wayne will have a look at what’s in development at Wayne Enterprises if he wants a new toy to play with as Batman. Unfortunately they do not have anything of interest at the moment, and therefore Bruce decides to come up with something himself. So he goes to his Batcave (set 7783) to see what kind of material he has there to work with. Inspired by all the recent VicViper models, he decides to use the parts in his Batcave to create something that has similar features. Of course it has to fit within the Batman line of vehicles, so it needs to have a distinctive shape, and the main colour has to be black. After a day of work, with trial and error, this is the result.

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