Transformer “Toxic”

A transforming alternate from Creator set 31007 Power Mech called “Toxic”.

If there’s one subject difficult to render with bricks, it’s transformers. Swiveling parts everywhere while maintaining structure integrity is one thing, but having both modes look decent is another story. Keeping all this in mind requires a lot of compromises. Add to the formula to restrict yourself with parts from one set only and it becomes a real brain teaser! It took me several days before the result was satisfying, but here is “Toxic”.

Admittedly, the vehicle mode in particular is perhaps not the best looking, but considering that this is a transformer I think it turned out pretty decent. It is mainly inspired by the dessert racers that are used in Paris-Dakar; sporty, off-roady and extremely wide. Some of the considerations during the development process were:

  • Easy, yet interesting to transform
  • Hinges hidden inside as much as possible
  • Only use hinges for transforming functions
  • Feels satisfying to play with and all parts are locked properly (No fiddly, lose sections when picking the model up)
  • Wheels must be able to roll (of course!)
  • Use parts from 31007 exclusively

Pictures of the end result, including some of the transforming process.

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