Sonic Viper

An alternate of Creator set 5892 Sonic Boom…

Set 5892 was already a long time on my wishlist. After I finally got my hands on a copy, it was that time of the year again that many people design Vic Vipers, namely november. So of course I had to build one too as my first alternate from this kit. The characteristics of a Vic Viper are rear lateral wings, dual forward prongs and single dorsal tail.

I wanted to try something a little different this time, in which the main body is elevated from the rest of the spacecraft. But still it needed to be strong and have the “SWOOSH” factor, so you can easily keep it in your hand, flying around, without it falling apart. This was quite tricky due to the heavy prongs, but by reinforcing the model with Technic parts, it got pretty sturdy. It also took a while before I was happy with the looks and shape of the main body, and although I’m no expert when it comes to building spaceships, I’m pleased with the result.

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