This alternative model from set 10304 Camaro is based on a 1976 Pontiac Firebird.


The Camaro and Firebird were actually closely related because they were built on the same platform at the time. I did however not re-use the chassis from the Camaro but shortened the wheelbase slightly, which appeared to be more appropriate. Appearance is something that I personally value higher than accuracy. This means that the overall proportions are sometimes considered less important than the overall looks and where certain details are positioned, especially with a medium like LEGO with the limited number of bricks and shapes available.

So I designed this model in the spirit of the Firebird, with some iconic details like the mid section dividing the grille, the glass rear window without c-pillars, and of course the T-top. There is perhaps also a flair of an older Corvette included, because initially I wanted to go for this, but I was not happy with that direction. This model therefore ended up half developed back in the box several times, also because of a lack of motivation and inspiration to build. So it’s a big relief to finally be able to present a new model, because it has been a real struggle.


The model re-uses almost 1100 pieces from the Camaro, without adding any extra or spare parts. I did however use some parts without sticker, where normally stickers are applied on the Camaro. Function wise it has all the usual stuff like working steering wheel, and opening hood, doors and trunk. The front seats recline as well, providing an easier entrance to the small rear seats. The model itself is very solid and feels like an official LEGO set. If you are interested to build your own copy, instructions are available for a fee at

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