4×4 Offroader

The colours of the Fiat 500 model reminded me of the classic 4×4 Offroader set 5510 from 1986. Also the wheels are in both cases white and identical in size. So why not make a modern interpretation of this set using exclusively parts from the Fiat 10271 set? It was easier said than done and took me much longer than expected. The area that took most effort was the windscreen bonnet transition. I wanted the windscreen to be fixated under a certain angle and the bonnet positioned slightly forward so it would have the offset overhang that I wanted and still could be opened. Meanwhile everything had to be sturdy and buildable. Once I settled on this solution the next challenge was to implement a small good looking V6 and a dashboard for the speedometer and steering wheel. Again this took many tries before I came to a satisfying solution. Apart from the bonnet it doesn’t have many features, but I was able to include the exact same suitcase that came with the Fiat 500 which has a snug fit in the rear compartment. The model reminds me of a Jeep Wrangler from the 70’s/ 80’s, which I think was also the main inspiration for the 5510 model. Want to build your own copy? Instructions are available at Rebrickable!

Instruction sample pages:


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