Nathanaël Kuipers is a Dutch design professional. He studied industrial design and engineering at the Hague University. During his studies he regained interest in the LEGO building system. After finishing his studies he got the opportunity to work for the LEGO Company for several years, where he designed mainly Technic models, like 8261, 8271, 8272, 8292, 8674, but was also involved in several other product lines.

Through time and experience he learned certain values, which he nowadays tries to share and promote:

  • Without creativity there’s no progression
  • Think critical and unconventional
  • Learning by doing is most fun
  • Get most out of your available resources

Due to his extensive knowledge of the LEGO building system, combined with his background, and a high developed 3D insight, he is able to create high quality models covering both System and Technic. With accessible, yet intriguing models he has inspired many, showcasing that the sky is the limit when we use our imagination.

Nowadays he is an independent design consultant, where he is sharing his knowledge at schools, universities and science centers, with inspiring colleges and workshops using the LEGO brick as the main medium. Whether you’d like to know more about the creative design process, coordination systems, maths, mechanisms, mechanical engineering or the LEGO System itself, Kuipers is the person to go to.

At the same time he has been developing some educational books, teaching constructive principles and stimulating creativity, by showing the endless possibilities with a finite amount of LEGO bricks. His first 2 books of The LEGO build-it book series Amazing Vehicles, and More Amazing Vehicles are out now!

* If You have special requests, propositions, inquiries, commissions or anything else You would like to share, do not hesitate to contact NKubate, as Kuipers is always on the look for new, exciting opportunities. *