GT04 Sportscar

This GT super sports-car is another alternative model from Creator set 10265 Ford Mustang. After previously designing an alternate model based on the 1970 F100 pickup truck, this car ended up being heavily inspired by the legendary GT40. Even though both vehicles are from the same car manufacturer from the same era, the models seem worlds apart. This model also presented completely different challenges than the pickup. The most obvious one is the shape which had to be slick and aerodynamic looking. In an earlier state the model had a longer bonnet and rear overhang, but it reminded too much of the Mustang and perhaps Corvette. Another drawback was that the low front section would reduce space drastically to include an engine together with a functional steering, so it made more sense to go for a mid or rear engine car instead. First the idea was to put an engine in the rear with a basic engine cover, but because the model slowly started to look more like a GT40, the question was if a similar engine cover structure could be made, where this whole section could hinge at the rear end. For this the carrosserie needed to be split without it being noticeable. Meanwhile the rest of the structure had to be reinforced so the model would still be solid, but not become too bulky either. After a couple of iterations it worked and looked fine. This made it also possible to create a detailed engine that can be removed completely from the chassis, a bit like LEGO did with the Ferrari F40.

The following features could be included:

  • Working steering through steering wheel
  • Opening doors and engine cover
  • Removable detailed V8 engine
  • 1000+ pieces reused

Together with the Cobra Roadster alternate, created from the same set.


If you want to build your own copy of the GT04, building instructions are available through Rebrickable for a small fee. Some sample pages showing the level of care and detail put into them.

6 thoughts on “GT04 Sportscar

    • NKubate says:

      Bedankt Gerard! Ja, je was er weer snel bij. Hopelijk is het naar verwachting. Uiteraard hoor ik graag naderhand wat je ervan vindt.

  1. Andrew says:

    Nat, it looks fabulous! Looks like you’ ve done it again ! I have built hundreds of MOCs in the last 5 years and know for a fact that you are consistently the pre-eminent designer! Let me state a truth – thus far I haven’t lavished out on the Ford Mustang set, but seeing this MOC, together with the earlier truck, has persuaded me to GO AND BUY IT! Thank you so much! By the way, where do I go on the Internet to get the instructions for your latest 5867 set design? I’ve yet to find a link…

    • NKubate says:

      Thank you so much Andrew! I’m trying to do my utmost best with each model I deliver, so it’s always nice when that effort does not go unnoticed and gets some recognition. The Ford Mustang set is great in itself, but it also offers so much value for creating some fantastic MOCs. I hope you will not be disappointed. Regarding the latest 5867 design, I haven’t managed to create instructions for it. Not sure either if it will be worth the effort looking at the popularity of the current Speed Champions line and scale…

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