This function packed telehandler is an alternate of Creator set 5867.

This truck is an alternate from Creator set 31006 Highway Speedster.

A pick-up alternate of Creator set 31007 Power Mech.

The LEGO® Build-It Book, Vol.2: More Amazing Vehicles is the 2nd Volume of a new series of books stimulating creativity...

The 8292 Cherrypicker was the most challenging, but also most rewarding model that I designed.

The LEGO® Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing vehicles is now officially available! This book contains step-by-step, full color building instructions for 10 iconic vehicles.

My 1st alternate from Creator set 5867: Tractor truck.

This pick-up wrecker truck is alternate #11 of Creator set 5867.

Alternate #9 of Creator set 5867: Multi-purpose Truck.

Alternate 20 of set 5867. What would 8292 look like if you only have set 5867 to work with.

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