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Retro Roadster

This Retro Roadster is an alternative model of Creator set 31024.

After a long time of absence due to the bigger Technic project of the Predator, it's now time to introduce another alternate. This time it's the 31024 set that got a special treatment. With its classic tapered bonnet and the curves over the rear wheel arches this single seated roadster has a retro feel. On the other hand however the wide wheelbase together with the muscular and edgy shape makes this vehicle modern and fresh. Furthermore this model is equipped with a targa roof, which can easily be added or removed. Other details include slick shaped taillights, exhaust pipes on the side and a grille on the front. With some minor adjustments it could even fit a minifigure.

This little car was actually a quick build, designed specifically for the BrickLink MOC contest and if you want you could perhaps cast a vote there (until 20th of April 2015). 

And ofcourse some more pictures including the "money shot" from the bottom.


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