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Classy Saloon

An alternate from Creator set 5867 Super Speedster, inspired by Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

After so many other alternates already made from this set, it becomes increasingly more difficult to come up with iconic and recognizable models. This time it turned out in a classy saloon, based on the luxurious limousines from highly exclusive brands only used by those rich and famous who like to travel in style.

The tricky part here was to make it look big and majestic, with a spacious interior, while keeping the structure integrity. Another challenge was that the big plates for the roof had to be supported properly, where usually those plates are the supporting function somwhere in the chassis. All in all it meant that effective use of the parts was necessary, and therefore the model went through many iterations with some new solutions before the result was satisfying and approved.   


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